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The goal has never been to start a company or become an entrepreneur but it has always been about solving the problem which everybody is facing in service industry whether it is service provider or the customer. The idea was clear to solve their problem which impact billions of lives and make them better.

We started Professionals due to some incidents while meeting few fashion stylists, makeup artists who were searching for work and facing problems in market. That made us realize how broken this Professional industry was and how poor the experience was for consumers. We decided to come up with a better way to help both by providing more business to these professionals and better quality of services to the consumers.

We did deep market research and understand the problem from core. After discussing with lot of service providers and customers we realized about this highly unorganized market. It is our responsibility to provider amazing quality services to the consumers for which they are paying their hard earned money. Professionals helps people to find all services at one place. One of our friend was looking for an awesome makeup artist, Photographer for her sister’s wedding and after spending thousands of bucks he didn’t got the expected results. That made our decision more strong to come up with Professionals where you can search for these services in your budget, location and choose them as per their portfolio, rating, reviews and pay them accordingly.


Professionals has its vision to solve the problem of millions of professional service providers and help them in earning more by providing quality services to the consumer. The idea here is to make services better by stimulating and accrediting professionals & consumer with the same platform. Now consumers will be able to take services of any professional from anywhere in the country.

Many players are trying to solve this problem but failed in understanding the real problem. We at Professionals ensures that the service provider has to go through the complete verification process before registering over the platform and then facilitate consumers in an efficient manner.

Be it a production house looking for models, makeup artists, fashion stylists, photographers for there film or advertisement or any shoot, Be it a Bride or Groom who want to hire professional photographer, makeup artists or fashion stylists for making there moments memorable, Professionals is the one stop solution for all.

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